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Bougainvillea Bar

Great hors d’oeuvres. A connoisseur’s selection of wines, cigars and spirits makes this outdoor bar a royal retreat to enjoy a lazy sundowner or a hot afternoon pick me up. If you’re the nostalgic type, you can always imagine the kings celebrating victories and successful hunts here-with a drink too many under their gallant belts

The Heritage Quarter

Rajput royal cuisine is modeled on royalty’s favourite past-time – hunting. Initially created to make game meat taste good, these recipes now feature even vegetarian dishes with equal elan.

Dal mewari, diljani, imarti with rabdi. The grand royal ceremonial repasts speak of days where slow charcoal fires cooked the game. When generations of hands flavoured curries. And women fried and baked deserts fragrant from food flavouring ittars like chameli and juhi.

The slow-burning fire (aanch) was most suitable for imbuing the exotic royal dishes with exotic flavours (ruaab).

They either boiled, cooked by dum (by sealing the dish with wheat paste and allowing the food to cook in its own juices) or they slow roasted over a low flame for hours, sometimes even overnight.

Now a dying art, the Gogunda Palace chefs work hard to keep it alive with fresh, seasonal ingredients, traditional cooking utensils and their slow, unhurried marination and preparation.

Whether it’s our govind gattey ki sabzi, a very toothsome spicy curry made of gram flour dumplings; boiled and prepared in a rich onion, yoghurt gravy or it’s our laal maas, a spicy dish cooked with yoghurt and hot ingredients like red mathania chillies. – each dish is a work of art created by our unseen artists.

Dessert, too, is treated differently by rajput royalty. It is not eaten at the end of a meal but before, during and a er a meal.

Alcohol accompanies every course at a royal meal. Never ones for abstinence, each thikana had its own alcohol recipes, overwhelming each meal with an equal abundance of spice, sweetness and inebriation

In-room Dining

Our In-Room Dining menu also offers selections for those who eat late or just want to sign off with another course or snack from our Gourmet menu. In the ancient days, all royalty had to do was clap for an order to be placed. In these modern times, today’s royalty will have to use the telephone.

High Tea

Go Exploring Aboard A Vintage Suv. Carry A Hamper With You And Enjoy A High Tea On Your Adventures –
Just Another Day In The Life Of A Maharajah.