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Welcome to Gogunda Palace


Welcome to an authentic palace experience that dates back to the 16th century, Gogunda Palace in Udaipur is a luxury hotel that has a rich history. It is here that Maharana Pratap was coronated as king in 1572 and it is from here that the Battle of Haldighati was fought in 1576. Now, with a treasure trove of experiences to delight modern royalty, you can choose from any of its 40 grand suites and rooms.


Gogunda Palace
Through Wars And Valour

Most palaces were built to house royal families. But some of them, like the glorious Gogunda Palace, were built as part of a war strategy. Situated in the Aravalli hills, it was here that Maharana Pratap Singh was crowned in 1572 and it is why, among other reasons, Gogunda has played an important role in Mewar’s history. In November 1567, the mighty Akbar attacked Mewar, laid siege on Chittorgarh and sent his army to Udaipur to capture and kill Maharana Udai Singh II and his family. In the absence of great cavalry and artillery, Maharana Uday Singh II moved to Gogunda – a “van durgh” (a forest protected area) with 15km of impassable forest around it. The founder of Udaipur, Maharana Udai Singh II died here (1572) and his eldest son and successor, Maharana Pratap Singh ascended the throne. Being on the road between Udaipur and Kumbhalgarh, Gogunda became a tactical centre for wartime logistics.

Battle Of Haldighati, June 1576

As Akbar sent his powerful army, Maharana Pratap decided to oppose them by using guerilla warfare and made Gogunda his base. He also held his final war council here prior to the Battle Of Haldighati (June 1576) often referred to as the Battle Of Gogunda. The Mughals conquered Gogunda, but the Rajputs retaliated by disrupting their supply chain and claiming it back.